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Scuba Diving at Richelieu Rock

Richelieu Rock in Thailand is still one of the best dive sites in the world

Let yourself be fascinated by the incredible underwater world. The Richelieu Rock will make your diving hearts beat faster. Regular whale shark & ​​manta ray encounters are commonplace!
There are several theories surrounding the naming, one of which is that of the French diving pioneer Jacques Cousteau Richelieu Rock once gave his name, as he was reminded by the purple soft corals of a cardinal robe, Cardinal Richelieu. Another theory (Wikipedia) says that once a French nautical chart surveyor has worked to make sure that this incredible underwater jewel was not seen as an obstacle to shipping and was blown up, his name Captain Richelieu ...

An incredible underwater flora & fauna awaits you. Schools of juvenile fish sometimes find it difficult to recognize Richelieu Rock from the sheer number of fish. Regular schools of barracuda pull their tracks. Snappers, mackerel, soldier fish ...
For the Macro Friends, the Richelieu Rock offers a great variety of life to be discovered. Seahorses, frogfishes, harlequin shrimp, snails, mantis shrimps to mention just a small selection.

Richelieu Rock is part of the Surin National Park, about 15 km from the Surin Islands, and is a dive site in the open ocean suitable as well for less experienced divers. Advanced Open Water Diver or Padi Adventure Deep Dive is recommended.

Dive Day Trips to Richelieu Rock

Day trips

In the high season from October to April, we drive Richelieu Rock 4 times a week with our own diving boat "Blue Marlin" developed to meet the needs of our divers.
Our innovative tank mounts, behind the seats, leave plenty of room to move around or stretch your legs. Also innovative is our dive platform with 2 large ladders that are rather not to be found on speedboats, but allow you an easy entry and exit into the water.
The speedboat ride takes about 1 hour 20 minutes.

Day trips to Richelieu Rock

Liveaboard / Dive Safaris to Richelieu Rock


Of course, there is also the possibility to dive with selected liveaboard providers in multi-day tours at Richelieu Rock. From 3 days / 3 nights safaris to 5 days / 5 nights, there are selected boats in different cabin classes (eg single or double cabin ) have the Richelieu Rock in the program.

From budget to luxury, the right boat is available for every budget.

Richelieu Rock Diving Safaris / Liveaboards


Dive Conditions at Richelieu Rock

Dive Conditions

Due to the location of Richelieu Rock in the open sea currents can occur at the dive site. However, the fact that the underwater rock reaches up to the surface there is always a side facing away from the current which also makes this place easy for not so experienced divers!

The bottom depth of the Richelieu Rock ranges from 12 meters on the inside to 30 meters on the outside. A mooring line allows easy descent.

Recommended Level: Minimum PADI Open Water Diver with at least 8 dives, last dive in the last 8 months, the PADI Adventure Deep Dive is recommended.

During high waves, the dive site may not be approached. If safe diving at Richelieu Rock can not be guaranteed, alternative sites will be approached.

Dive Site Map Richelieu Rock

Dive Site Map